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About Us關於我們

JKCE Construction Group was established in 2006, among the very first ones in the Chinese community. We have a young management team, along with a group of seasoned workers. Every worker has at least been with JKCE for five years. From exterior design to structure, from a kitchen renovation to tens of thousands square feet new build, from a rental unit renovation to luxury homes in West Vancouver, JKCE have cases to back up our claim: you only need to find us to fulfill your demand.

As 2016 marks the 10th year anniversary of our establishment, we have expanded our business into the Lower Mainland. Now we are building in Chilliwack for PoLam Buddhism Association a Buddhism retreat - a meditation hall and two dormitories. We are hoping to become the quality and high-end builder in Lower Mainland.



Our Services服務項目

  • Foundation, framing, siding, demolition, electrical wiring, plumbing, flooring, painting, landscaping
    地基, 框架, 外牆 , 推屋, 電線, 水管, 地板, 油漆, 花園
  • Residential renovation and new construction
  • Commercial renovation and new construction
  • Construction management

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